Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bunny Rescue, a claymation story

This is my second attempt at doing claymation by using a point and shoot digital camera. I did this a couple of years ago...

A Bunny is stranded on an island and his SOS sign is temporarily out of service. Luckily, a pink friend happens along and ferries him to safety.

Low Budget Advertising

Because who has the money to wrap expensive cars in advertising. Get a Mexican, a bicycle, some flood lights and a hand made sign! Voila, instant advertising mobile...and he can do deliveries at the same time.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet ALieNatioN

"The ALieNatioN is a small community of party aliens come to earth from another galaxy via various parts of the planet. (Hector Perez is the creator/ designer. Raquel "Rocky" Giberstein is the intergalactic agent)" - taken from their Facebook page

I had the pleasure of meeting ALienNatioN at the Grace Hotel in Manhattan. The photo doesn't do them justice, you must see them in person! They are amazing!

DJ Louie Vega

DJ Louie Vega...

On set with photographer Karl Giant while he was shooting a music video for Ultra Nate. The song is called "Hey DJ". I can't wait to check out the video.

Эти нью-йорк или Москва? - Is this New York or Moscow?

I grew up in New York City and this is the first and only subway information flyer I have ever seen (can't read it) in Russian. It was at the Broadway-Lafayette station downtown. Is that a Russian neighborhood and I just never knew it?

Meet Bob

Meet Bob, he is a unicycle rider. I asked him what got him started in the unicycle world and he said that he happened to have a week off and an extra $60 so he decided to give it a try. Bob has been riding for about two years now and has been riding the unicycle in the photo for a year.

A unicycle...I have to admit that I would never think to try it myself. Not to mention I'm scared of heights and once Bob is up there he is well over 7ft tall.

Keep on riding Bob.

A Girl and her Yorkie

Photos by Chante Tenoso

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I have been sick

I've been really sick and stuck in bed. I promise to update my blogger as soon as I can stand looking at the computer again...

Thanks to all who have been following my blog. I will be back soon and better than ever!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SOHO NYC - Street Art ONE

Is this sign the art or is it suggesting for an artist to make their mark at this location?

One artist or two?

Remember when we used tokens in the subways? I do. I liked tokens. Metrocards are,oh so very, boring and wasteful.

On the streets of Soho, New York City...more to come...

Meet Arly Silver

Meet Arly Silver, he is a bartender at Sunswick in Astoria. I asked him a few questions:

Is that James Brown on your shirt? Yes.

How long have you been bartending here? Since before you were born.

Is there anything I should know about you? That is a real loaded question.

Then Arly asked me what my blog is about and " ..are you somehow going to put a clown nose on me in photoshop?", to which I replied nope.

The Crowded Bathroom

Ozone is minimal. Planet is on overload. Too many people and only 1 bathroom...