Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What is with the Piglet?

I took this picture as I was walking down into the subway. The card was on a step...
My question to you is " Why is Piglet from Winnie the Pooh on this card?"
Be creative or if you actually know the answer please tell me...

"haha- Is this woman's name really Pedro? Maybe that holds a clue to why piglet is mysteriously hovering over her crotch holding a microphone..." - Anonymous

"Because shy guys like Piglet have to pay for it." - K

"Donkey punching a blue "jackass" gets old! Piglet is after some new "ass" and tired of nailing Eeyore's tail. Pedro delivers...Tigger does not." - Mouse

"Is it that the Piglet is suppose to be Pedro's description? the card says ask for Pedro." - Samantha

"Perhaps Piglet means that you can get other stuff with your order, like know like in the movie Super Troopers." - Anonymous

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