Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crazy Clouds

While washing the dishes I noticed a strange hue from outside. Everything in the backyard was the color of a sepia tone print. I went out front and looked up and this is what I saw. It was unlike anything I had seen before in the evening sky. The clouds looked like huge neon cotton candy balls. It also reminded me of the way fire can look when it's crawling along a ceiling, like in that movie with Daryl Hannah where she plays a pyromaniac. Dozens of people were out on my block taking pictures as well. Someone yelled out " It's Michael Jackson's last show". He had died the day before on June 25 2009.


  1. you captured these clouds!! i tried with my point and shoot and failed.

  2. i noticed them too. beautiful. may be was nature making us slow down for a second and apreciate being a live, hum? Michael Jackson doing the moom walking behind.....