Friday, August 7, 2009

A New York Subway Scene

In the subway, New York City
47-50th Rockefellar Center
Waiting for the D train
The trash can reads " Can It For A Greener Planet"

It's Summer
It's Hot
I wish this station was above ground
The train pulls in

People shuffle to the edge of the yellow line
Two black women next to me laugh in Spanish
I look down and see Marilyn Monroe staring back
The Warhol version

Train doors open
No place to sit, Rush hour
People looked tired and worked

Ipods, cell phones, magazines, advertisements
Everybody ignores a man
taking center stage in the middle of the car
"Can you please spare some change?"

A man in torn converse sneakers gets up
A little girl takes his seat
Her mom tells her to say "thank you" to the nice man.

"Thank you"

59th Street Columbus circle - switch trains...

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