Sunday, August 23, 2009

PS 1 - MOMA for living "artists"- ?

My visit to PS1 today reminded me of being in art class in High School. When students who hadn't finished an assignment would bring in a couple of items from a dollar store glued together and come up with an elaborate reason why it represents some sort of existential representation of the American soul...Basically, pulling the wool over the teachers eyes for a B+ and fake bragging rights to being an "artist".

I did like one piece I saw at PS1. You can see my drawing of it below. You aren't allowed to take photos in PS1, so I've drawn a few examples of what I saw today.

This work was a rather large installation of a "swimming pool". Observers on the top could look down and see the people in the room below the water. It was as though people were walking on the bottom of a pool or if you were below it was like being a fish.

The next two examples are from a NY based artist. This artist's work is suppose to "examine the cultures of politics, celebrity, cinema, war and consumerism."- as per MOMA

I've drawn out two of the more "exceptional" pieces from this show. You be the judge of whether it is art or not.

Yes, this is a plain chunk of tofu, just like you find in the grocery store, sitting in a dish of water. It didn't even have an interesting name like The Drowning Ronin or Tastes like Chicken...

Common, really? Seriously?

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  1. Reminds me of Craig-Martin's Oak Tree. Clever enough to get a passing grade from an otherwise bored high school art teacher desperate to find a spark in any student, but otherwise worthless. Though, to be honest, if The Oak Tree is critically acclaimed art, the above is genius. Have you considered submitting a video of readers commenting to your critical post about PS1? I think they would find room for it.