Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mobile Phone Pictures Count as Photography...?

I made this snow bunny. Later, a friend pointed out that it looks like the bunny from Donnie Darko.

The new Twin Towers of New York City. Located at 59th street...

I think this is M.I.A. Street art from Soho.

HAhahahahaha! This is the longest running joke of the MTA - the second avenue subway line. I think it's a scam so they can cover up where money disappears to. I know what would help relieve overcrowding...have the subways function properly AS THEY ARE! Wouldn't that be nice? I had a friend who told me it took her an hour to get from 59th street to 81st Street! That's ridiculous.

Centralia, PA Fires are still burning there underground. The whole town was evacuated. I think there are still 6 people who refuse to move. CRAZY!

The lobby of the Chelsea Hotel. They always have fun art to check out!

One of my future cars...

Tribeca Film Festival 2009

More street art from Soho, New York City

My homie doing a handstand on a sculpture...yup yup...


  1. Mobile phone photos Totally count!! Great assortment!

  2. I love the view of the buildings at 59th street.